Sean Adams- guitar, vocals
Ralph Malanga- guitar, vocals
Jeff Crowe- bass
Scott Imp- drums
Eric Greenberg- guitar

Pete Martinez- drums (2005-2014)
Brian Musikoff- bass (2003-2016)
Joel Weisberger-drums (2008-2010)

Stuyvesant are a rock band consisting of 4 lovely mild mannered gents who bash away at their instruments like deranged dads. Stuyvesant have been around for 13 years, producing 5 records and 7 kids. The Big Takeover said we were "A zillion times over more smarter and more sincere than the latest batch of ersatz flakes hogging the limelight". While CMJ said we were "unabashedly, and refreshingly, forward with its intention to lose all pretenses and just play good rock music." But Stuyvesant just calls it "dad rock".


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